Are you searching for a U Mobile free phone? You’ve come to the right place!

Here, we’ll show you how you can get your hands on a free 5G smartphone from UMobile, including top brands like iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, realme, vivo, OPPO, HONOR, and more. With UMobile Business Plan, your dream phone is just a step away.

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Sign a two-year contract with UMobile and keep your phone number with instant activation. With U Mobile free phone offer, choose from a variety of brands or enjoy discounts of up to RM1000.

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With this plan, when you sign up for a package, you can get a phone with an installment payment option of up to three years. This way, with very affordable monthly payments.

You can get a U Mobile free phone plan with either the UBiz 68 or UBiz 98 plan.

UMobile Business Postpaid offers these two plans, which are perfect for your business. The prices are very reasonable, and you also get free roaming, making international travel hassle-free.

No matter which path you choose, UMobile Business Plan offers tailored solutions for both personal and business needs, ensuring a smooth transition and optimal benefits for all users.

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Get a Free 5G Smartphone with U Mobile Business Plan Ubiz 68 – Limited Time Offer!

Amazing deals on the latest 5G smartphones with U Mobile Business Plan Ubiz 68. Enjoy free 5G phones device and unbeatable savings with U SaveMore.

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How to Get a U Mobile Free Phone?

You’re here because you want to know how to apply for and get a free phone. Let me share with you. This is currently the most popular phone realme 12x 5G that many people have.

First, let me ask you three questions:

1. Is your name clear from the blacklist?
2. Can you keep your phone number for two years without changing it?
3. Can you pay bill with RM68 per month?

If your answers are yes, then this realme 12x 5G smartphone can be yours. It’s a great deal. The retail price costs RM1099, but you can take it home by paying just RM180 upfront. This RM180 will be refunded to you through your phone bill.

For the first six months, your monthly payment will be just RM38. After six months, you only need to pay RM68 per month until the 24th month. It’s truly a great deal and very affordable.


How This Gerai Makanan Owner Got a Free Phone from Prepaid to Postpaid

The owner of this shop had been using the prepaid phone number for years and had heard that switching to business name could get free smartphone. However, after visiting several phone stores without success, he found us.
He met all these criteria, so we were able to help him get a free phone. From that moment on, he learned that every two years, he could get a free smartphone. This solution has truly helped him avoid spending his own money on a new phone.

5G Modem

Help Change Ownership & Transfer From Brother Name To Company Name

The owner of a car service, his phone number registered under his brother name at a different address. This made him it difficult to get a free phone, as both needed to be present at shop counter to make changes. After understanding his situation through consultation, we were able to help him transfer the phone number from his brother personal name to his company name.
With this change, he can now receive a free smartphone every two years. This solution was very cost-effective for him, as it allowed him to upgrade his phone without hassle or additional cost.

5G Modem

Apply New Postpaid Line and Get Free 5G Smartphone Device

This new bakery had already spent a lot of money getting the business started. By applying for a phone line through U Mobile Business Plan, they were able to get a free 5G smartphone, eliminating the need to spend a large sum on phones for their employees. This way, their customers can always reach the company number, helping them receive more orders.
This timely opportunity allowed the bakery to save on expenses and expand their business with U Mobile Business Plan.

Apple iPhone 15 Series Available On Instalment U Paylater up to 36 months

iPhone 15 Many people desire this phone, but buying it outright can be very costly. U Mobile Business understands this concern and has introduced a three-year contract with installment payments. This means you don’t need to pay a large sum upfront to get the iPhone you want. Now, let’s look at the different models of the iPhone 15 available for you to choose from. I will also provide details about the plans and pricing below.

realme 12x 5g

Alright, this is the phone that everyone wants iPhone 15 Series

iPhone 15

128Gb RM84 | 256Gb RM97 | 512Gb RM122

iPhone 15 Plus

128Gb RM97 | 256Gb RM110 | 512Gb RM135

iPhone 15 Pro

128Gb RM116 | 256Gb RM129 | 512Gb RM154 | 1Tb RM179

iPhone 15 Pro Max

256Gb RM139 | 512Gb RM159 | 1Tb RM192


How the Nasi Lemak KC Business Saved Money and Got the iPhone 15 Pro Max

This Nasi Lemak KC store originally had three mobile numbers under personal names. We successfully transferred them to the company’s name and provided them with a premium number. At the same time, the owner was able to get the iPhone plan he wanted.
The monthly payment for four phone lines, including the iPhone 15 pro Max, is only RM292. The initial upfront payment required is RM651 or RM1302, depending on certain conditions. Once the initial payment is made, the iPhone is yours, and you’ll own the most popular smartphone in the world.

5G Modem

Eartheories Sdn Bhd Streamlines Mobile Lines and Acquires iPhone 15 Pro Max

Eartheories Sdn Bhd, a brand company with eight branches, faced accounting headaches due to mobile number registered under different employees’ names. Each branch had different phone numbers, making accounting difficult.
We consolidated all mobile phone numbers under the Eartheories Sdn Bhd name, reducing the cost to RM25 per line. The owners’ numbers were also transferred, allowing them to get the iPhone 15 Pro Max on an installment U PayLater Plan.

5G Modem

Saving Big and Getting the iPhone 15 Pro Max for a Sky Logistics & Travel Company

This travel company originally had Mobile lines with Digi Business Postpaid, costing nearly RM500 monthly fee. They were looking for a cheaper option when their contract ended and found us.
We offered them a solution: U Mobile Business Plan provides free roaming, perfect for their travel needs. We helped transfer their existing mobile numbers to U Mobile Business Postpaid under the same company name. Additionally, their boss got an iPhone 15 Pro Max.
Through this, we saved them nearly RM5000. They were very satisfied and referred many clients to us.

If you have any questions or are considering this offer, feel free to leave your contact number. Our representatives will get in touch with you to provide the best solution.

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